Copenhagen Games

Copenhagen Games - DAY 1 - Behind the scenes

Sui // 1 year ago

What happens behind closed doors at Copenhagen Games, one might ask. Innocently, as if one doesn't know better. What do more than a hundred volunteer enthusiasts do when they toil and work to prepare for the grand opening tomorrow? Well, only some of it makes sense to me, if I'm honest, but it involves a lot of hard work, hard play and loads of laughs.

Today, the day before Copenhagen Games begins, the morning started off with jokes about the butter being frozen and just like yesterday, people tried warming up the butter in fairly surprising fashions. Some threw it around, illogically, some sat on it, even more illogically, and girls even stuffed it into their bras which I'm not going to comment on at all. My duty is to report, though, and so I did.

As always, the mood was buoyant throughout a generally tough day and that's typical for the Copenhagen Games volunteers, says Michael “miv” Johannessen, Volunteer Coordinator

“Yesterday and today, the mood among the crew has been amazing. They have been quick workers, reliable and most of all fun to work with. It’s truly an amazing team and I can honestly say it at been one of the best setup’s we have done.” Says Michael Johannessen.

Of course, setting up an event like this is lot of hard work but crew members find ways to make it fun. Some find themselves chit-chatting while putting up computer screens - and there are a lot to put up! – while others enjoy a moments rest in a mountain of assorted cardboard and plastic. A few even found themselves enjoying fifteen (perhaps more like five but who's counting?) minutes of fame as they were interviewed for local TV station TV2 Lorry. You never know what to expect on a day like this.

There's also time for innovation, though. A new term has risen among the crew: “Chair dancing”, they call it though the exact point and rules of the game continue to elude me. It seems to be less about dancing - such as doing the Chachacha or the Foxtrot with a chair - and more about sliding the chairs towards another and often unsuspecting crew members with great force. I'm sure there's some sort of reason why a person might do such a thing and I'm sure that if you've worked twelve hours straight, like they have, you'd know what that reason was. Ah well, perhaps one day I'll get it. Until then, I can report that, luckily, no one has been injured… YET!

Tomorrow, things will heat up. Guests arrive at 14.00, tournaments start even before then. We're still casually working our way towards the real thing, to the real start of Copenhagen Games 2018. Stay tuned and I'll tell you about tomorrow soon!