Copenhagen Games

Copenhagen Games – DAY 3 – Recommendations from a Noob

Sui // 1 year ago

I'm the kind of gamer who would suggest playing a deck of cards rather than switch on a console and I know I'm not the only one. So if you're like me, you might find yourself trying to actively avoid humiliation by not playing any of the real, competitive games at Copenhagen Games, not to mention playing in tournaments. 

Yet you find yourself in one of the biggest esport events in Denmark where other people have traveled far and wide to be and what luck that you are here too! Because Copenhagen Games is so much more than just tournaments.

So today I decided to line up the crème de la crème of what Copenhagen Games has to offer to me and my fellow noobs for the service of all noob-kind!

One thing that both me and many of the exhibitions have in common is a profound fondness of VR. I’m crazy about it! At least I seem crazy when I'm screaming and flailing like a mad woman behind my VR glasses but that's not the point. And besides, I like to say I just have a sharpened sense of empathy. Yes, that must be it...

Anyway, my favourite VR-experience was ICAROS at the Samsung stand. It's a contraption you strap yourself on to which then allows you to experience three dimensional falling and other equally delightful, virtual horrors. I literally had to close my eyes to escape the realism. I was reflexively turning my head to avoid creepy monsters coming towards my cart, I was snapping my neck back and I was screaming... Ok fine, I was a mad woman after all but at least I had fun!

However, if all of that’s too spooky for my fellow squeamish noobs, though, I also experienced lots of harmless fun around the venue. I put on a sumo suit and got my ass handed to me by what might have been an abnormally large toddler, I played a game of air hockey and got my ass handed to me again and I grossly overestimated my abilities when I did a planking contest... or tried to. Okay, maybe this wasn't any less brutal than the VR. Sorry, my bad!

In the end you don’t even have to lift a finger to feel the buzz of unpredictability and informality that lives in Copenhagen Games. A constant stream of interesting people will quite automatically cross your path even if you don't do anything. On my stroll through the venue, I saw karrigan, the in-game leader from the world’s number #1 CS:GO team, AND Darth Vader heading right towards me with his entourage of stormtroopers. I of course fled. I didn't need my ass handed to me again, did I?

After my escape from Lord Vader, I was tired, out of breath. I needed to sit down. Luckily, many booths have been so kind as to put up beanbags. It's a monumental service to people like me; people who don't win planking competitions. Ind the end, the question was: Where is the best place to sit? It's a tough question and one that you might have to face too one day. But don’t worry, I did the hard work and I sat on every single bean bag I could find in the service of humanity. My conclusion? Waoo’s beanbag is the best. They have the perfect balance between hard and soft, they are deliciously squishy AND you can watch TV from them too! I know, you're welcome.