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Sui // 1 year ago

One of the first things you'll see when you enter Copenhagen Games this year is the stand of new start-up company Fanboy saw a real need for a gaming based web shop with cheap prices and a beating heart for the gaming community and that's what they based their concept on. Seven months ago they had implemented their ideas. The concept is simple: Sign up as a member, pay a monthly fee of 39 DKK and get games, consoles and gaming equipment at wholesale prize. Or as CEO of, Mark Kaa Andersen, sums up the concept:

“We want to make it cheaper, funnier and easier to be a gamer!”

And speaking of fun, let’s talk about the stand at Copenhagen Games. The first thing that catches your eye is their mascot, a half size stormtrooper passively greeting guests as they pass by. Behind the stormtrooper, guests can play some good ol’ Mario Kart at Nintendo Switch. Further back there's a comfortable couch where guests can relax and try out one of’s many available games such as Fifa or Far Cry 5.

At the other side of the stand, a free Player Unknown Battleground-tournament will be played on two fully equipped gaming-PCs. There will be prizes from the webshop for the first to fourth place finishers. Yesterday guests had the chance to play 1on1 CS:GO against dragoNfly from Fragsters and one guy actually beat him! 

Tomorrow the tournament will be in the form of a solo terrorist hunt in the game Rainbow Six Siege. Anyone who completes the mission in hard mode gets a free steam key, and anyone who is skilled enough to win in realistic mode wins a game of their own choosing!

So there are plenty of things to do at the stand but they have even more exciting news for the near future:

“In about two months’ time, we are launching our new Fanboy site: That site is going to contain many more membership types with many more advantages such as discounts on esport events and even cheaper prices. Furthermore, we'll feature vastly improved guarantees and insurances on our products so gamers won't have to worry about anything like that in the future. We're also adding a blog feature where members and potential clients can write about specific products or post questions to those who might know something about it. This includes us, by the way. We too will be monitoring blogs and answering question. This way we mean to nourish a sense of fellowship and community among our clients” says CEO, Mark Kaa Andersen.

We look forward to but in the mean time we’ll enjoy ourselves with all the amazing activities they brought to Copenhagen Games. We suggest you come join us!