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CS:GO Main Tournament - GGWP IMPERIAL!!!

Sui // 1 year ago

It was time for the grand final in the Waoo CS:GO Main tournament. The atmosphere in front of the main stage was amazing. The excitement and the raw passion from the fans were indescribable, there’s no doubt that we were on Danish soil.

Before the grand final began, I had the chance to talk with Jakob Winneche, former pro player for Team Liquid and CS:GO analyst, about his expectations for the final:

”I think Heroic are going to win. They have more depth as a team, given the fact that Imperial is still fairly inexperienced team on the big stages. Heroic finally has a great shot at sticking it to North and showing that they are the second best Danish team.”


  • Nemanja “nexa” Isakovic
  • Asger “AcilioN” Larsen
  • Zygimantas “nukkye” Chmieliauskas
  • Rokas “EspiranTo” Milasauskas
  • Jesper “TENZKI” Plougmann


  • Nikolaj “niko” Kristensen
  • Patrick “ea3tag” Hansen
  • Marco ”Snappi” Pfeiffer
  • Andreas ”Moddii/Muddi” Fridh
  • Ruben “RUBINO” Villarroel

Map 1 – Mirage (Imperial’s pick)

Heroic was playing CT and Imperial as T. The first pistol round went to Imperial after a beautiful rush on A but it didn't take Heroic long to take a round after they clutch an eco round. The score was now tied at 1-1. Heroic quickly took the third, fourth and fifth round and Imperial called a tactical timeout behind 4-1. Sadly, the tactical timeout didn’t work out for Imperial and Heroic took another round. With a ninja defuse in the seventh round Heroic was now in the lead with 6-1. Heroic took three of the next four rounds and Imperial called for another tactical timeout before the twelfth round began. The teams shared the remaining rounds before the switch.

At halftime the score was Heroic 11 – 4 Imperial. Imperial switched to CT after halftime.

Heroic held on to their momentum as they took second pistol round after a bomb plant on A. They quickly took the seventeenth and eighteenth round as well making the score 14-4. Imperial tried to fight back but it was never going to be close. 

The first map ended with the score Heroic 16 – 7 Imperial.

MVP of the game: Niko K/D 24-11

Map 2 – Overpass (Heroic’s pick)

The pistol round went to Heroic after a defuse on the CT side and they took the second round as well before Nukkye clutched the third round for Imperial taking down three Heroic players in a 1v3. As they continued to pick up more rounds, making the score 5-2 to Imperial, there was a shift in momentum. Heroic tried to fight back when Es3tag killed three out of five opponents in one round and he continued in the same fashion by taking yet another round after that making the score 4-5. Imperial took another round and Heroic called for a tactical timeout before the eleventh round. It didn't really help. The teams shared the remaining rounds before halftime.

At halftime, the score was Imperial 9 – 6 Heroic. Imperial switched to CT after halftime.

The second pistol round went to Imperial after they clutched the defuse. Heroic had to buy and managed to get the seventeenth round but they couldn't hold on as Imperial took the eighteenth round. The game was put on hold for a short while for a technical pause. The teams kept exchanging blows as Heroic took the next two rounds and then Heroic picked up three. The score was 13-10 to Imperial when a tactical timeout was called by Imperial. They kept their focus and their lead. Soon it was 15-11 and Heroic was forced to win four in a row. They did their best and won three rounds but it wasn't enough. Time ran out in the thirteenth and Imperial claimed the map.

The second map ended with the score Imperial 16 – 14 Heroic.

MVP of the game: Nukkye K/D 22-17

Map 3 – Train (Deciding map)

Imperial must have felt great going into the third map. Heroic had to find a way to change the momentum but it was difficult. The first pistol round went to Imperial, playing on the T-side, after a rush on B. They made it 3-0 before Heroic got on the board. It was short lived, though, as Imperial claimed the next five rounds forcing a tactical timeout from Heroic before the tenth round. They still couldn't find the answers as Imperial claimed another round, making it 9-1. In the eleventh round Snappi, with nothing but a Deagle, took down four Imperial players in a thrilling round where the one remaining Imperial almost answered by taking down the entire Heroic team in response. WHAT A PLAY! The teams exchanged a few rounds before a tactical pause was called by Heroic with three rounds remaining before the switch. Heroic took the thirteenth and fourteenth round while the last round went to Imperial.

At halftime, the score was Imperial 11 – 4 Heroic. Heroic switched to CT after halftime.

Heroic needed the pistol round to have any hope and they got it after a solid plant. They played it slow and safe winning the second and third and then came the crucial fourth. Heroic needed to hold on to the momentum, this was their chance but Imperial shut them down completely. The score was now 12-7 and Heroic had their backs to the wall. The teams exchanged a few rounds and a tactical timeout was called by Heroic. This was their last chance, everyone felt it. The crowd was quiet and intense but there was nothing to do. Imperial convincingly took the last 3 rounds and thereby the match!

The third map ended with the score Imperial 16 – 8 Heroic.

MVP of the game: TENZKI K/D 22-8

Good game and well played to both teams! Imperial truly deserved this win. They fought their way through the open qualifiers undefeated, then they took down tournament favourites North before dispatching Heroic in the grand final. What a story! A true fairy tale champion and I think all CS:GO fans at Copenhagen Games could agree that it was an amazing game to watch. Thank you for ending Copenhagen Games 2018 with a BANG!