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And the winner of FirmaCS is…

Sui // 1 year ago

Tonight, the winner of FirmaCS was found. It has been a long, hard journey from 74 teams to only 2 teams, DR Licens and They were not only fighting for 20,000 DKK, they were fighting for the title as the best company Counter-Strike team in Denmark. But before the final kicked off, we spoke with the two game commentators Jesper “Quintin” Moe and Mathias “Matti” Nørly about what their expectations for the final were.

Mathias “Matti” Nørly was quick to reply: “I believe will win. They have amazing team-work in-game and they are very experienced players.”

Jesper “Quintin” Moe was a bit more analytical “I actually think DR Licens has a chance, so I have to pick them. They have been able to quite comfortably beat teams that had a hard time with. I honestly think this gives them an edge.”

But something they could both agree on was that the BO3 final would be extremely close and that predicting the outcome would be hard. Now it’s time for a re-cap of the maps:

MAP 1 - Cache

Already from the very first round, the game is close but after the first 4 rounds on the map, playing on the T-side takes off picking up round after round. In the 11th round, DR Licens finally bares their teeth and grabs their third round. At half time the game is 9 – 6 DR Licens. Switching sides, is now Counter Terrorist and DR Licens Terrorist. It takes a while but the DR Licens guys are finally on the hunt catching up to Dust2.dks score rapidly. After an amazing play from DR Licens, the map is tied at 15 – 15 leading us into overtime. The game is so close it takes no less than 3 times overtime before finally takes the map – what an amazing fight!

Cache ends DR Licens 24 – 21

MAP 2 – Overpass is off to a great start on the on the second map, they keep racking up points on the Counter Terrorist side. DR Licens is having a stressful first half and cannot seem to break the chain of loss after loss. At half time is in the lead with 13 to DR Licens’ score of 2. After both teams switch sides, it seems like is coming back to life taking a few rounds here and there, trying to catch up to DR Licens.

Overpass ends DR Licens 8– 16

MAP 3 - Train

DR Licens is off to an amazing start with the score racing to 9 – 0. However, it seems like still want to show they are in the game by taking one round away from DR Licens. Yet they are still struggling to keep up. At half time the score is DR Licens 13 – 2 After half time, in the very first round, DR Licens annihilates in the pistol round. The last round is an economy round from yet they take the fight to DR Licens bravely. GG’s to DR Licens!

Train ends DR Licens 16 – 2

Congratulations DR Licens!!! A big thanks to all the teams playing in FirmaCS. Thank you for an amazing day of wonderful and epic plays in Counter-Strike. We hope we will see you at Copenhagen Games again next year!