Copenhagen Games

ATEA EDU CUP Live-Tournament

Sui // 1 year ago

In EDU CUP Live all kinds of schools, national and international, compete for the title of top gaming school of the year.

Players participating in the ATEA EUD CUP Live-tournament share a passion, it's a passion you can tell is there just by watching them play and interact. These kids are talents, potential new superstars for teams like North, Heroic or Astralis. We asked one of them, Jonas “Zaki” Asidah from team eACD.Alpha, about why it’s exciting to play in the EUD CUP Live at Copenhagen Games:

“I love how we get to play against each other, different schools with different skill levels. You get to try out strategies on everyone and see their responses. It’s an amazing way to analyze and learn how to optimize your strategies.”

We also asked how mood is among the players:

“There have been some issues with eBot so the games have been delayed, but everyone has been really cool about it and kept their positive attitudes. We have formed this amazing connection with each other, everyone playing has a shared passion” says Jonas.

In general, the tournament has gone as planned. Some teams even played ahead of schedule just to help create a buffer for the tournament admins in case something happens later. This goes to show just how positive an attitude these guys have and what a terrific community surrounds the ATEA EDU CUP right now.

The tournament is nearing its conclusion. The semi-finals and final will be played on Saturday with the semi-finals starting at 10:00 and the final scheduled to start at 15:00. You can watch the final LIVE on and it's definitely worth checking out!