Copenhagen Games

A Farewell to Games

Sui // 1 year ago

It’s the longest week of your life and yet it’s gone in an instance. It’s walking through the wardrobe and falling down the rabbit’s hole. Disconnected from whatever regular life you live, you spend a week in an alternate universe where time stands still and you relive a mad, intense week with the same group of fantastic friends forever. It's organizing a world class esport event.

We begin preparing for Copenhagen Games around October but most of our crew only join at the venue. By the end, more than a hundred passionate volunteers will have made their mark on the event, each in their own particular way. It’s a long, arduous journey to put something like this together but it’s uniquely rewarding. Some of us have met up exactly once a year for fifteen years running, it’s a brothers-in-arms kind of bond across physical, social and temporal divides. Here, it doesn’t matter what your career is, who you are married to or where you grew up, here you are who you were back when - young carefree, living in the moment.

Working an event like Copenhagen Games is working sixteen hours per day for close to a week. What’s the pay? For most, there isn’t one. They do this for the passion of it, for the love of the community they themselves create around our organisation. It’s remarkable to watch. Events rely on this type of passion but we’re continuously awed and humbled by it.

So now Copenhagen Games 2018 is behind us and we’re disassembling seven months of work. This is a melancholy task, it’s bittersweet to say the least. Soon we return to whatever person we are on the surface and this particular world enters a year of stasis. A year from now, it all reawakens, infused yet again with a year’s built up dedication and purpose.

Copenhagen Games signing off, we’ll be back in 2019.