• By accepting our terms and conditions, you recognize that you have read, that you understand and that you will follow our general rules as stated here at all times.
  • Before Marts 15 2020, all cancellations are subject to a 50 DKK / 7 € administration fee. After the date, tickets are not refundable.
  • Guests are not allowed to bring computers. Guests are allowed to participate in activities and competitions other than the main tournaments.
  • You are not allowed to use the network, servers, internet or any other services provided for any kind of illegal activity. Any attempt to take over or sabotage the network integrity will be reported to the police and result in immediate expulsion from the event with no refund.
  • File sharing is not allowed on our network regardless of the legality of shared files.
  • You are not allowed to bring your own beverages or food.
  • The use of illegal software on Copenhagen Games premises is strictly forbidden. Should any such offense occur, all persons involved will be expelled from the event immediately with no refund of the participation fee.
  • Fees for Paypal and credit card payments will be added to the ticket price. You will be presented with the total fee before finalizing the payment process. The payment will be withdrawn from your account immediately and your seat will be reserved.
  • After the signup/payment process, you will be able to download your personal ticket and invoice.
  • Your ticket is personal and non-transferable.
  • All cash prizes are subject to 15% taxation. The money is withdrawn before payment and is paid to the Danish tax authorities.


Agreement for all participants at Copenhagen Games



This agreement is signed and read by the participant and has to be accepted before the participant can buy a ticket to Copenhagen Games.



Force Majeure

Copenhagen Games is not liable for any delays caused by circumstances beyond Copenhagen Games' control, e.g. general labor dispute, acts of war, fire, lightning, terrorist attacks, changed governmental orders, technical problems, defects in power- /tele-/computer communications or other communication and defects or delays in the service by sub-suppliers due to circumstances set forth above. Such circumstances shall result in relief from damages and other measures. If any such situation should arise, Copenhagen Games shall inform you accordingly both at the beginning and the end of the period for the current situation.



Responsibility for equipment and malfunctions

Copenhagen Games is not liable for damage to equipment or personal items resulting from electrical malfunction, malfunctioning equipment (even if this equipment belongs to and is operated by Copenhagen Games) or damage resulting from any action of a person participating at or visiting Copenhagen Games. Copenhagen Games is also not liable for damages to or theft of vehicles parked on or near the premises during the event.



Responsibility concerning 3. parties hotel, transport etc.

Personal arrangements including travel, accommodation or hospitality relating to Copenhagen Games, which have been arranged by you, are at your own risk. Copenhagen Games is not liable for replacing expenses relating to any of these services under any circumstances expect for proven, gross negligence on behalf of Copenhagen Games.



About tournaments and other contests at Copenhagen Games

Copenhagen Games is not liable for any effect (physical or otherwise), damage or financial expense resulting from delays in the tournament time schedule. The tournament schedule is indicative of intention and carries no legal liability, directly or implied.


Loss and theft of personal belongings at Copenhagen Games

There are several guards in place at the event, but Copenhagen Games can not in any way guarantee the security of personal equipment or belongings and therefore Copenhagen Games is not liable for any loss or theft of personal belongings during the event even though we will do our best to supply security throughout the event.


Copenhagen Games strongly recommends that participants and visitors arrange sufficient personal insurance as needed to safeguard any of the eventualities mentioned above.




Should any conflict arise between the participant and Copenhagen Games, the parties must try the settle the conflict.


If the parties can not reach a settlement, even after third party legal advice. The party who wishes to continue the case has to start it at the Danish city court of Copenhagen and the case has to be treated according to the Danish civil and jurisdictional law. Copenhagen Games is not required to follow any other judgment, under any circumstances.    



Copenhagen Games is a legal entity

Copenhagen Games is run by Game Service ApS, who has to sole copyright to use the name Copenhagen Games. Any misuse thereof will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


This also means that no individual person, can be held responsible for claims against Copenhagen Games, Game Service ApS is solely responsible for all documented/judgments against Copenhagen Games.