Managers and Staff

Staff members of organizations and teams need to purchase a guest ticket at the door Regardless of position on the team.

To accommodate the need for teams to have a manager/coach present during games, teams are granted one so-called "manager access" as described below.

During the event, a team representative may go to the headquarters area and request that one specific person is given manager access.

Manager access grants access to the closed non-BYOC area as well as to the stage during team matches. A manager can have his guest ticket exchanged for manager access when so requested by his team. Each team is granted one such manager access only. Should a team wish to change the person with manager access, they need to report to headquarters and go through the registration process as described above.

The only exception to this rule is staff members that have a proven role as journalist, photographer or videomaker. These roles may request press passes if the prerequisites are met. Please refer to our media page.