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Guide to finding IP for servers:

In order to find the IP address for your match, go to and search for "CPH Games 2019 EDU CS:GO" to find the tournament or click the widget above.

Next find your match by clicking "Matches" -> The current stage -> Your group/match and find your IP under "NOTES".


The structure of the tournament will be a group stage with single round-robin groups followed by a single elimination playoffs stage.

In the group stage the admins will divide the number of participants into two groups of 8. Please note that this may change depending on the final amount of participants

All matches played in the group stage will be played as best-of-one (BO1).

Top 2 from each group will advance to the playoffs stage.

All matches in the playoffs stage will be played as best-of-three (BO3).

The tournament will be played as a BYOC tournament.

Prize pool

Total prize pool: 10,000 DKK 

  1. 7,000 DKK
  2. 3,000 DKK


The Tournament will begin on Thursday the 18th April 10:00. All teams are required to be present, ready and set up at least ONE HOUR BEFORE tournament start.



Group stage

Format: BO1 - veto - Single round-robin

10.00 - 1th round

12.00 - 2th round

14.00 - 3th round

16.00 - 4th round

18.00 - 5th round

20.00 - 6th round



Group stage

Format: BO1 - veto - Single round-robin - Top 4 from each group advance to playoffs

10.00 - 7th round

12.00 - 8th round

14.00 - 9th round



Format: BO3 - veto - Single elimination

18.00 - Quater-finals



Format: BO3 - veto - Single elimination

10.00 - Semifinals

14.00 - Grand Final




Questions concerning the regulations may be directed to  - use the text channel #admin-support. We can’t guarantee fast answers during the event. Contact the admin desk if it is urgent.

Changes to the regulations

The tournament administrators reserve the right to alter any regulation at any time before or during the event if it is considered necessary. Any significant alterations or addition will be announced clearly in these regulations on and at the venue.

Information regarding the tournament

Alterations to the regulations, match schedules, general information etc. will be posted at the venue.


By participating in the tournament the players accept with no reservations all of the above and below mentioned regulations and that any decision made by the tournament administrators during the tournament may at any time supersede these regulations.

Match format

  • Matches are played 5 on 5.
  • A match consists of two halves of 15 rounds each, with each round having a maximum round time of 1 minute and 55 seconds (mp_roundtime_defuse 1.92).
  • A half is over when 15 rounds have been played.
  • The match is over when a team reaches 16 rounds.
  • A match is a draw if both teams win 15 rounds
  • If a match during the tournament is draw, overtime will be played with MR3 and start money 10.000. If the overtime is a draw, a new overtime will be played until a winner is found.


The first listed team is the team with the highest seed. If in doubt contact the admin table.

Low seed - Ban
High seed - Ban
Low seed - Ban
High seed - Ban
Low seed - Ban
High seed - Ban
Last map is used

Low seed - Ban
High seed - Ban
Low seed - Pick map
High seed - Pick map
Low seed - Ban
High seed - Ban
Last map is used if needed.

Map List

  •   de_mirage
  •   de_overpass
  •   de_vertigo
  •   de_nuke
  •   de_inferno
  •   de_train
  •   de_dust2


We expect every participant to behave professionally and with a sportsman-like conduct at all times. Matches lost on purpose, illegal use of pause during a match and verbal or any other abuse of an opponent may result in penalties or disqualification from the tournament. Poor behavior during or after the event may result in a ban from future events. We expect all players to behave in an exemplary manner and show understanding and patience towards their opponents as well as the administrators.

The player

A player may ONLY play matches for ONE team in the Counter-Strike Global Offensive tournament. - A player MUST be signed up for the event and have paid the entrance-fee to play. - A player MUST use the registered nick for the tournament matches. - All players MUST have read and understood the regulations that apply to the tournament.

Before the match

Through the official results and fixture list it is possible to see when to play. The announced times for matches has to be respected and the administrators maintain the right to forfeit teams that turn up late. Make sure to always be prepared and ahead of schedule. Warm-up has to be done PRIOR to the scheduled start of the match. Delay of games will not be tolerated - if a team haven't typed "ready" in the server within 15 minutes after the match is scheduled to start, the match is forfeited for the other team. If your team isn’t ready 15 minutes after the match is scheduled, and you got a valid explanation (decided by the admin). The match isn’t forfeited, and the admin has to decide if the game starts when both teams are ready, and if some sort of penalty is in order.

A minimum of 4 players is required to play a match. With 3 players or less a team forfeits the match in question.

If your next match is to be played on stage, you have to set up on stage as soon as your previous match has ended (or as soon as possible).

During the match

Choosing sides

A knife-only round decides which team will be allowed to choose sides.


It is illegal to defuse the bomb from behind objects like through a wall, under a train wagon etc. The bomb must be at least partially visible to the defusing player (disregarding smokes and flashes that might block the view). For example on dust2 it is illegal to defuse through the wall unless the bomb is actually visible from the defusing position. Tournament administrators may penalize teams who violate this. See the penalties and disqualification section for more.


Bomb-boosting will not be permitted. This is seen as an advantage towards the terrorists. The bomb can only be planted by the bomb carrier without any intervention from team-mates.


General map boosting with any number of players will be permitted. Any area that can be reached on the map is considered a valid position as long as the position is not used to exploit the map by seeing into areas that are not intended.


Pr. Round it is max allowed to buy:

1 HE grenades

2 Flash bangs

1 Smoke grenade

1 Molotov

1 Decoy

ammo_grenade_limit_default 1

ammo_grenade_limit_flashbang 2

ammo_grenade_limit_total 4


It is not allowed to use say during a match, with the exception of relevant information for your opponent or admins.

Map Exploits

Taking advantage of new or known map exploits will result in a penalty (Refer to Penalties and disqualification).


No cheats are allowed including 3rd party applications and scripts. For example OGC, WH, AIMBOT etc. are illegal (see the sections on scripts).

We do not allow vac banned accounts to participate in any of our csgo tournaments if the ban is within 2 years (730 days). Moreover we also don't allow accounts with any cheating ban from FACEIT, CEVO, ESEA, or ESL that has been given within 2 years.


It is illegal to abuse map bugs.

  • Using bugs which change the game principle (i.e. spawn bugs) is illegal.
  • Moving through walls, floors and roofs is strictly forbidden. This also includes skywalking and pixelwalking.
  • Planting bombs so that they cannot be defused is illegal. This does not include plants where multiple players are needed to defuse.
  • “Map swimming“ or „Floating“ is illegal.

Tournament administrators may penalize teams who violate this. See the penalties and disqualification section for more.

Player substitution

All player substitutions must be discussed with the administrator. - The player going out must be completely disconnected before his replacement may join the server.


Each team are allowed 4 timeouts in total during each map. This includes overtime. A timeout is 30 seconds long. All timeouts can be used in one half if desired.

Timeouts can only be used during freezetime.

When timeouts are called, teams are to write “tac” in chat, to notify admins and production that the pause is due to a tactical timeout.


Pausing for the purpose cigarette breaks or similar is forbidden – for authorized pause see “Client breakdown”.


It is illegal to write kill in the console at any point in time during a match. If a kill happens and the team in question benefits from it (the player getting more money the next round instead of 0) a may result in a penalty from the administrators.

Client breakdown

If a player disconnects from the server due to technical reasons the match is paused following the completion of the round in question. The relevant team-captain pauses the game and writes “tec” in chat to notify admins and production. Only the team-captain who paused may unpause the game again. The game may be paused when either the “Counter-Terrorists win” or “Terrorists win” is shown on the screen and until the end of freeze time of the following round. If the disconnected player or a substitution is not on the server within 10 minutes from the time of disconnection the match is continued without the missing player.

Switch breakdown

If a switch breaks down during a match for any reason (not directly involving the team concerned) and 3 or more players are disconnected, regulations concerning server breakdown apply.


If Ebot is online we will, if possible, restore the match as a first solution. Ebot will restart the round where the crash happened.

If the bot crashes during a match, see details below.

Server breakdown

See the Ebot section.

If the Ebot is unable to restore matches, the following rules apply:

During the first 3 rounds: if a server crashes during the first 3 rounds the match is restarted. After the first 3 rounds: if a server crashes after the first 3 rounds the match continues with start money set to 6500. Before the start of the second round following the crash start money will be reset to 800. The server does not recover: if the server cannot recover from the crash the teams are assigned a new server by an administrator.

When is a round completed?

A round is completed when either “Counter-Terrorist win” or “Terrorist win” is displayed on the screen.

When does a round count?

If damage or a plant has occurred the round counts.

If an issue takes place before any damage has occurred and the opponent or admin has been immediately notified, the round will be restored if possible.

The match/rounds will not be restored or replayed in cases where it is clearly is the  participant's fault (e.g. mis-buying a weapon).

After the match

Teams are advised ALWAYS to check the result upon completion of a match. Make sure to check when your team’s next match will be played so that your team can be ready in due time. It is also encouraged that teams remind each other of upcoming matches in good time.


In the case of two teams having an equal amount of points in a group, the tiebreakers is as follows:

  1. Points head-to-head
  2. Match score difference head-to-head
  3. Match score difference overall


If a conflict arises before, during or under a match, an administrator is contacted immediately to resolve the issue. If the conflict includes a complaint against an opponent, an administrator or anything else the procedure of next part applies. If the conflict arises during the game and demands immediately actions from administrators use the pause command after "CT/T Wins" but before freeze time ends.


If a team wants to issue a complaint the procedure is as follows: Discuss amongst yourselves what precisely your complaint is. Then direct your complaint to an administrator and explain your case. Make sure to have evidence to support your claims whenever possible. The accuser must at all times supply all necessary evidence (ei. in-eye demo) for the complaint to be evaluated fairly by the game administrators. The administrator will then contact the accused team and register their version of the case. Based on this information and in consultation with each other the administrators then reach a verdict in the case. This verdict is final.

Penalties and disqualification

If rules are broken, referees can in unison with the tournament administrators apply penalties according to their judgment. Penalties that can be applied are the following; - default loss - banning a player/team from the venue - disqualification of a player/team from the entire tournament - deduction of rounds – deduction of prize money.

Demos & Screenshots

It is advisable, although not compulsory, to record demos and take screenshots of your matches. Having these will help support your case in the event of any dispute.

Server Setup

Spectators & GOTV. No spectators of any kind will be allowed in game other than any designated administrator for that game. GOTV will be running throughout the tournament.