Copenhagen Games

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Copenhagen Games is run by SLAP, and financially supported by the City of Copenhagen and different commercial partners.

SLAP is Denmarks eldest tournament community, and have been running since 1999, with online as offline esports events throughout the year.

SLAP LIVE as 3 annual live events, has been running since 2001, and was in 2010 rebuild and rebranded, to what became Denmarks flagship esports event. Copenhagen Games has since remained the largest eSport event on Danish soil and is unique both in its structure and history. We're run by passionate volunteers, many of whom have worked for our organisation since before 2005. Our love of competitive gaming is matched solely by our love for the community and our team-members.

Our event is always evolving, so whether you're a player, fan or potential partner, check out our news section, tournament section and come by and see us in Copenhagen this Spring!


Otto Busses Vej 5A
2450 København SV 

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17 April to 20 April - 2019


copenhagengames information banner

Player Tickets

  • CSGO: 595 DKK / 80 €
  • CSGO Ladies: 595 DKK / 80 € ***
  • League of Legends: 495 DKK / 67 €
  • EDU CUP LIVE LoL: 495 DKK / 67 €
  • EDU CUP LIVE CS:GO: 495 DKK / 67 €
  • Team Fortress 2: 575 DKK / 78 €
  • Fifa: 150 DKK /  21 € *
  • Apex Legends: 395 DKK / 53 €
  • Lanticket - no tournament: 495 DKK / 67 € (BYOC)
  • Manager / Staff **

* Ticket only valid for Friday and doesn't include a BYOC space for own computer.

** No special ticket for Managers/staff. More info about manager/staff here.

*** Non-BYOC with no lan seat.

Guest Tickets


  • Partout ticket (all days): 300 DKK / 41 €
  • Wednesday: 100 DKK – 14 €
  • Thursday: 100 DKK – 14 €
  • Friday: 150 DKK – 22 €
  • Saturday: 200 DKK – 30 €
  • Children under 14 - Single Day: 50 DKK / 7 €


  • Partout ticket (all days): 350 DKK / 48 €
  • Wednesday: 150 DKK – 21 €
  • Thursday: 150 DKK – 21 €
  • Friday: 200 DKK – 28 €
  • Saturday: 260 DKK / 35 €
  • Children under 11: Free
  • Children under 14: 50 DKK / 7 €


Fees for Paypal and creditcard payments will be added to the ticket price. You will be presented with the total fee before finalising the payment process.

The payment will be withdrawn from your account immediately and your seat will be reserved.

After the signup/payment process, you will be able to download your personal ticket and invoice.

Cancellation / Refund

Before February, 28 2019, all cancellations are subject to a 50 DKK / 7 € administration fee.

After the above-mentioned date, tickets are not refundable.

Food and beverages

We do not allow any outside food or beverage at the event.

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Hotels in the Area


Wakeup Copenhagen

Wakeup Copenhagen, Carsten Niebuhrs Gade, is centrally located in Copenhagen close to the waterside and within walking distance of Tivoli Gardens, the City Hall Square, the shopping street Strøget, the harbour bath at Islands Brygge and the central station. The hotel is built by the famous Danish architect Kim Utzon and designed in a beautiful minimalist style of high quality, which makes Wakeup Copenhagen, Carsten Niebuhrs Gade a match for many of the 3- and 4-star hotels in Copenhagen, at a 2-star price.

Book trough this link and get the special rate for Copenhagen Games attendees which is reduced by 15% percent compared to our daily rate.

Booking link

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Managers and Staff

Staff members of organizations and teams need to purchase a guest ticket at the door Regardless of position on the team.

To accommodate the need for teams to have a manager/coach present during games, teams are granted one so called "manager access" as described below.

During the event, a team representative may go to the headquarters area and request that one specific person is given manager access.

Manager access grants access to the closed nonBYOC area as well as to the stage during team matches. A manager can have his guest ticket exchanged for manager access when so requested by his team. Each team is granted one such manager access only. Should a team wish to change the person with manager access, they need to report to headquarters and go through the registration process as described above.

The only exception to this rule is staff members that have a proven role as journalist, photographer or video maker. These roles may request press passes if the prerequisites are met. Please refer to our media page.

copenhagengames information banner

Assistance to foreign teams and players

Should you require additional support in connection with your travel to or stay in Copenhagen, we're happy to help you in any way we can. If you need help with applying for visa.

Please remember that the visa application process takes time, so we strongly recommend that you file your application in very good time.

  1. Please go to our support system and put in a ticket in the category "Foreign Team Support and Visa". In this ticket you need to state:
    • Team/Nick/tournament
    • Name (full name as stated in your passport)
    • Passport number
    • Date of birth
    • Date of issue of passport
    • Date of expiry of passport
  2. We send you an invitation by mail which you can print and take with you to the embassy or consulate.
  3. Sometimes the authorities doublecheck by contacting us.

General information for attending the LAN

Sleeping facilities are at DGI Byen (Tietgensgade 65, 1704 Copenhagen)

Shuttle busses will be running from DGI Byen to Copenhagen Games from 8AM to 2AM.

Everyone needs to vacate the sleeping facilities on Sunday, April 21st at 11AM.

Reminder to pack

  • Ticket
  • ID in case of issues with your ticket
  • PC
  • Screen
  • Mouse and mousepad
  • Keyboard
  • Extra batteries for wireless hardware
  • Headset
  • Extension cord for own use (recommended)
  • Ethernet cable (5+ meters recommended)
  • Sleeping bag / air mattress / sleeping pad / etc.