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For general support (tickets, tournaments, visa, games and more)

For other inquiries please refer to the list below

Zahid Butt, Event Manager
Sponsors, booths, partners

Phone: +45 28129333
Mail: info@slap.dk
Skype: zahidbuttdk

Jakob Larsen, General Production Manager
Venue planning and organizing

Phone: +45 20670245
Mail: mcknight@slap.dk
Skype: mcknight202

Kasper Østergaard, Communications Director
Marketing, Communication, TV production & Esport

Phone: +45 30178662
Mail: kasper@slap.dk
Skype: kasperoestergaard

Michael Johannessen, Volunteer Coordinator
Recruiting and coordination

Mail: crewmiv@gmail.com
Skype: css.miv

Jacob Sterlie, Stage Manager
Planning and execution of stage activities

Mail: jssterlie@gmail.com
Skype: jacob.sterlie

Michael Storgaard, IT Manager
Website development and maintenance

Mail: mex@slap.dk
Skype: mmstorgaard

Support & Hospitality
Support, entrance and information

Mail: cphsupport@slap.dk

Thomas Thiess Bøtker, Internal Administration

Mail: thomas.botker@gmail.com
Skype: botker86

Martin Toft, Internal IT


Jeppe Grünberger, Communication Manager and Editor-in-chief
Marketing, communication, TV production & PR

Phone: +45 61672728

Mail: jeppe@grunberger.dk
Skype: jeppegrunberger

Aleksander Kruse Schaumburg-Müller, Conference Manager

Phone: +45 60469691
Mail: ak@slap.dk

General Contact information

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