Samsung Plantronics Waoo


Tournament Info

At the event, League of Legends will be played on EU WEST and ONLY on level 30 accounts.

This means you cannot play this tournament if you don't have a EU WEST account.

Tournament Structure

Group play and single elimination.

Group play BO3.

Single elimination BO1.

Semifinale and finale BO3.

Group play decides your seed.



14:00 - 15:00 – Check-in

16.00 - Group play start


20.00 - Final (expected time)

Prize Money

Total of 10,000 DKK

Changes to the regulations

The tournament administrators reserve the right to alter any regulation at any time before or during the event if it is considered necessary. Any such alteration or addition will be announced at the event and will furthermore be clearly indicated in these regulations on and at the venue.