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Preview of HARDCORE at Copenhagen Games

Magnethead // 23/03-2016

This year, we have a special treat for anyone with the slightest passion for film! Not only are we showing an exclusive sneak preview of the film phenomenon HARDCORE, we also have an interactive, on-stage interview with it's talented, cutting edge director Ilya Naishuller, the director behind the sensational music video Bad Motherfucker. Thomas Bense of Pixel TV will conduct the interview live and exclusively for our audience on stage. A Q&A session follows where the audience is granted a unique chance to pick the brain of Mr. Naishuller and then we're giving away 50 free tickets for the film showing on April 9th (at 16.30)!

Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity, stop by Copenhagen Games tomorrow, Wednesday 23, at 19.00 and you can be the lucky winner of a ticket to see HARDCORE in Palads in April. If this still hasn't gotten your attention, watch this clip below!