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How To Sign Up

Here is a small guide to completing the Copenhagen Games registration and payment procedure. This is especially useful if you're a first time participant or manager of participants. 

  1. In order for you to sign up for a Copenhagen Games event, you first need to create a user on the website. You will find the link to initiate this procedure in the top bar of this page, to the right. 
  2. Once logged in, you can press the Buy Ticket link in the top bar which leads you to the purchasing page.
  3. Here, you select the kind of ticket you need based on which tournament you are entering, if any. 
  4. Next you select if you're a player or a manager. Note that managers can't buy their own tickets beforehand but need to buy them at the event entrance. The manager option exists so that managers may purchase tickets for the players they represent and not for themselves. 
  5. A player can also purchase tickets for the entire team. 
  6. Finally, you fill out the participant information pages, accept the terms and conditions needed and complete the payment using an accepted type of payment. 

Further information regarding accepted type of payment, cancellation policy and so on can be found on our general information page here