• COPENHAGEN GAMES Cosplay Craftmanship Catwalk

    Copenhagen games would like to continue to support and be a part the cosplay community. Again this year every cosplayer participating with a well thought-out cosplay at Copenhagen games will be granted FREE entrance from when the event opens at Wednesday, April 12th. at 13:00 until it finishes on Saturday, April 15th.

    This year we will be hosting a cosplay catwalk where there will be awarded a price in the following categories:

    The three categories

    • Best Crafted Cosplay

    • Best look-a-like
    • Best prop

    The judges will also award a cosplayer with an honorable mention

    The judges are:

    Cebt Cosplay




    Oli Mansfield Cosplay


    Come and bring life to your best cosplay at our catwalk, and amaze the crowd with your amazing act as your characteristic figure.

    After the event we would like all who wishes to have their picture taken with a cosplayer, can go to our designated photo booth.

    We hope to see as many people as possible, we would love to see what you have to offer. And of course it will be a great idea if your cosplay is gaming related. You will be attending an amazing event. But you will also meet a nice staff, and all the nice people attending this event as well.


    The event starts at Friday, April 14th. at 15:30 on the main stage


    To ensure that each cosplayer participate under the same equal terms, we have decided that the cosplays who have previously won any national or international competitions, are not allowed.

    The judges will take into consideration, which category your cosplay belongs to. Besides that Cosplays of any kind are allowed. Whether it's bought, made by yourself or constructed by a third party, you may participate with it.

    General info

    There will be a closed of area for changing and getting ready as well as a locked room to safekeep any valuables and props.

    We will provide bottled water and a sandwich for all participants

    Sign in info

    All participants are required to show up at the info desk at Friday April the 14th. at 12 pm. for general info. KaineTegner and Alexander will be greeting you at the info desk to provide you with the general info about where to store your cosplays and so on.

        • There will be a prejudging at 1:30 pm. at the cosplay room.
          • All participants are required show up for the backstage meeting at 3 pm.
          • The show begins at 3:30 pm. and ends at 4 pm
          • At 4:15 pm. the awards will be given by the judges at the panel.

            If you wish to participate in the cosplay craftsmanship catwalk competitio, please provide us with the following:

            • Name of the cosplay

            • A picture of your cosplay “if possible”

            • A short description of who you are, and how you have crafted it

            You can contact us at Alexander's e-mail address: trongear@gmail.com

            Or, you can contact either Kaine and Alex on facebook to sign in at the cosplay competition.

            Kaine:    https://www.facebook.com/HrTegner

            Alex:    https://www.facebook.com/Pzygear

            Address : Halmtorvet 11, 1700 Copenhagen V.