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PC rental options available for teams

Magnethead // 02/02-2016
Why drag around your own PC when you can have one waiting for you all new and shiny? At least now you have the option as Copenhagen Games offers top spec PCs for rent.

All rental PCs will be tested against CS:GO performance standards but we're waiting to choose the exact specs for now. We can reveal, however, that the screens will be BENQ and offer no less than a 120hz performance. 

The price is 115€ for 1 PC + 1 monitor for all days.
The computers will be ready to use already wednesday
 The PCs are rented in sets of 5 so as to cover entire teams rather than individuals. They are available for booking now but be advised that only 60 machines are available and we rent them out on a first come, first served principal. So don't tarry but strike now! Go here to rent now!