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CS:GO Qualification Round Ready

Magnethead // 23/03-2016

Each year before the main tournament starts, before shining stars battle on stage before throngs of thrilled spectators, before all the glamour and fame, there is a day of strife and hardship. It’s the day where sixty hopeful teams battle for more than ten hours to secure one of only eight spots in the main tournament, where they fight to get their shot at the 17.000€ main prize. 

Fifteen groups of 4 battle it out and top two proceed to a BO3 knockout stage qualifying top eight for the main tournament. The groups look as follows:

These eight teams are then joined by the eight invited team and they battle it out for the trophy, the glory and the title as Copenhagen Games CS:GO champion of 2016. The eight invited teams are as follows: 

  • Dignitas
    MSL, tenzki, RUBINO, k0nfig, Kjaerbye
  • Copenhagen Wolves
    gla1ve, HUNDEN, percy. smF, Snappi
  • SK Gaming
    Acillion, Friis, MODDI, MagiskB0y, Pimp
  • ENCE eSports
    allu, Juhoz, xartE, suNny, stonde
    spyleadeR, V1c7or, bubble, Dream3r, nkl
  • HellRaisers
    ANGE1, oskar, STYKO, Zero, smike
    crisby, kzy, tiziaN, keev, stfN
  • RCTIC Logitech G