Oceanic qualifer in cooperation with PGTV

autowin // 01/03-2017

At Copenhagen Games we are proud to announce our first ever international qualifier.

Since our first event in 2010 we have had international participants from all over the world. Hatching talents from near and far has been our business on both talent and player side. So far, we have had players from every continent on the planet. One region will this year receive special attention as the Oceanic qualifier is now happening thanks to our partner PGTV (an Australian Esports Media Group company).

"At AEMG we maintain a standard of excellence through innovation,"  said Tomas Ravelid, CEO of Australian Esports Media Group. "We thank Copenhagen Games and WONDERFUL COPENHAGEN for sharing the vision we have for our players supporting both their competitive and personal development via a number of positive travel initiatives."

The winning team of the qualifier will be flown to Denmark and get the expenses of participation at the tournament covered. The teams competing for this prize worth $5000AUD will be fighting for the spot on the 18-19th of March 2017. Here we look forward to provide the opportunity to the highest echelon of teams from the region to qualify for Denmark’s biggest eSport-event in the heart of the capitol; Copenhagen.

About PGTV
PGTV was founded in 2016 by the former Peanut Gallery team. As Australia’s premier CS:GO commentary team we pride ourselves on our intimate knowledge of the esports scene in Oceania. 

PGTV are an esports haven. Home to event management, broadcasting we are the content cabochon. To the nth degree capable, ready-made and deserved of a thousand other clichés yet adhering to none. 

We are the social influencers, the content connoisseurs and the motivated maniacal marketing minds making us circa early-2017 an entertainment and broadcast tour de force.

Our first qualifier

So aside from housing the national Danish Championship at our event in 2017 with a range of qualifiers both online and offline, we now also welcome the Oceanic Qualifier into the Copenhagen Games family. We would like to thank PGTV for making this possible and can’t wait to show case both our event and our capitol at easter 2017 from the 12-15th of April.

See you either at the venue Øknsehallen or on Twitch as we find the national Danish champion and after that the winner of this year’s Copenhagen Games!

For more information :
Tomas Ravelid, CEO - contact@aemg.net.au