And more winners were...

superunni // 19/04-2017

We're always happy to see a diverse selection of games at Copenhagen Games. Having multiple communities blend together is what gives Copenhagen Games a feel that is unique to the world of gaming. Each year, professionals and enthusiasts travel from far and wide to compete in a variety of titles and this year was no different. Here's a rundown of the winners in all our non-CS competitions


FIFA has been a stable throughout Copenhagen Games' history. The community around this title is fantastic and with a couple of world champions, Denmark has a proud tradition with FIFA. Thanks to Elgiganten, we had very decent prizes for our mostly Danish players and the competition was fierce! Here's how it ended:

1. RæveHjorten


2. Kongen


3. Fredberg



Hearthstone was back for the second year as a main feature of Copenhagen Games. An enthusiastic group of primarily Danish talent battled cards for days to settle who hits face the hardest. We are very happy to see the community still backing up Hearthstone in tournament format and we hope to keep expanding our Hearthstone content over the coming years!

We congratulate our winners and we hope to see you all back a year from now!

1. Bozzzton


2. NikLaus


3. Nightgarden


Pizzaburger overwatch  

This was a debut at Copenhagen Games - the new eSports-challenger from Blizzard, Overwatch. With Dr Oetker behind us as sponsor, we were able to give the game a nice to start to what will hopefully be a long and productive Copenhagen Games career. We hope this game will grow in the coming years and a streamer travelling all the way from Finland tells of a lot of enthusiasm around this title. We congratulate our first ever winners in Overwatch and hope to see you again next year!

1. Singularity Ninjas 


2. Helsinki Reds 


3. Red Reserve 


4. Vikings 


League of Legends

We're happy to offer some kind of LoL content again this year! We know that Denmark has a huge League scene that yearns for content on Danish ground. We would love to one day see League of Legend back as main stage content but until that day, we'll keep trying to offer whatever tournament content we can! A big congratulations to this year's winners and we will see you back again next year!

1. Magistra

5000DKK +  6400 RP and Triumphant Ryze for each player

2. Eastern Vikings

3000DKK + 4800 RP for each player

3. Sørby eSport

2000DKK + 3200 RP for each player

4. Team Bat

2400 RP for each player

Call of duty

CoD has been a regular visitor of our events, though it hasn't been a constant. Whenever we do have Call of Duty, however, the community always brings a lot of spirit and enthusiasm. This year was no different. The team names may not echo sounds of conventional pro sports, but they came to shoot and party - they did both!

1. Lord er Lort


2. Familien Hansen


3. Alkoholdet