High-speed ISP puts eSports in the fast lane

Sui // 06/04-2017

eSport is the fastest growing sports in the world and in 2017 it’s expected to have as many fans as the NFL, which is more than both handball and hockey.   The 2015 World Championship in League of Legends reached an astonishing 36 million unique viewers. Needless to say – eSports is to be taken seriously!

A good gaming experience requires stable, fast internet and low latency – and all of these are synonymous with fiber broadband, which internet provider Waoo delivers. Therefore it was natural for Waoo to focus more on the area and help supporting and promoting the world of eSports.

In july 2016 Waoo introduced the channel eSports TV, which was the world’s first dedicated eSports channel. Merely two months later a total of 27 % of Waoo’s TV-customers, with access to the channel, had watched it and on average the web TV users who have watched the channel, watched it for 2 hours straight. 

Shortly after, Waoo became the sponsor of a league for Counter Strike, called the Waoo CS:GO League and started the first Danish FIFA league ever – the Waoo FIFA League. As yet another part of Waoo’s engagement in the eSports community, Waoo also became sponsor of Tricked eSport, which is an eSport team competing in different games – among others FIFA, in which they have won the World Championship twice. 

The world of eSports is rapidly growing and evolving and it is beyond any doubt, that the Danish eSports-athletes are in the international elite. This however also requires, someone making is possible for new talents to grow, which Waoo is proud to be a part of.