Don’t forget the afterparty! Never forget the afterparty!

autowin // 04/04-2017

Easter is closing in and Copenhagen Games looms on the horizon like an oversized eSports piñata. Hours upon hours of the best eSports in town are coming your way, a venue packed to the brim with exciting activities, stages and top-quality matches.

But the fun doesn’t stop there!

Once the curtain closes on our Grand Final on Saturday night, once the roar of the crowd slowly subsides, that’s when the real party starts: that’s when we open up the mythic Copenhagen Games Afterparty!

Every year, hundreds of guests and players dance the night away in the afterglow of our main event final and this year is no different. In-house DJ and bar, a huge dance floor - it’s the party you won’t want to miss!

Luckily, getting in is easy. If you hold a participant’s ticket or even just a visitor’s ticket, you too can party all night with us. You can buy visitor’s tickets in the entrance as late as the same day.