Innovative tech-giant behind Ladies tournament

autowin // 29/03-2017

At Copenhagen Games, we have always prided ourselves with having a world leading Ladies CS:GO Tournament. Every year we see the best teams in the world travel overwhelming distances to compete in Øksnehallen come Easter. We always felt it was important to promote and encourage female eSports and we’re very happy to continue this tradition yet again.

Luckily, we aren’t alone in the desire to promote eSports for both genders. Over time, companies with strong, innovative brands have put their weight behind this shared goal and this year is no exception. This year, the South Korean tech-giant Samsung has offered us the chance to innovate and support female gaming and we couldn’t ask for a more fitting partner nor a stronger brand. We’re very excited to work with Samsung on this tournament and hope to see our efforts mirrored in public support both on our streams and at the venue itself.

Samsung has long stood for innovation and has spearheaded technological development for decades. Most gamers are familiar with their top-of-line monitors and they are known for their dedication to the promotion and development of eSports in general. Having their name behind our Ladies tournament is not only fantastic news for female gaming, it’s a recognition of the years of effort Copenhagen Games have put into the strengthening of female eSports as a whole.   

We hope to see plenty of our visitors this year swing by the Samsung sponsor area and let them know that we are all behind the desire to promote and develop gender equality in the world of eSports as well as anywhere else.