Introducing our partner for the CS:GO open tournament

autowin // 27/03-2017
Prize money
We are pleased to announce a substantial increase in our main tournament prize money from €30.000 to €50.000!

With these crucial sponsorship deals in place, the CS:GO powered by PLANTRONICS and WAOO, tournament is ready and set for this Easter's Copenhagen Games 2017. We look forward to seeing both top-talented players and our usual, enthusiastic audience in Øksnehallen a few weeks from now!

Stage and studio upgrades
Not only have PLANTRONICS and WAOO helped us reach a new record high prize pool, they have also helped us upgrade our broadcast setup to include an improved stage alongside a new feature: the Copenhagen Games analyst studio! Our main stage gets a significant face lift featuring team booths among other things, and in our analyst studio, Simen "warclown" Henriksen is ready to steer viewers through analysis, banter and insights.

All in all, our partnership with PLANTRONICS and WAOO have enabled us to not only upgrade prizes but also provide a better and more entertaining live production throughout the tournament.

Powerful sponsorship ensures better production
Both PLANTRONICS and WAOO have shown their dedication to improve the quality of eSports by their commitment to Copenhagen Games. We are always working to improve the quality of our event and to bring the best possible quality of eSports to Denmark and Copenhagen. With two dedicated, successful IT-companies such as these at our backs, we can reach our goal again this year. We hope that our visitors will show their appreciation and swing by the PLANTRONICS and WAOO areas at this year's Copenhagen Games!