Floorplan 2017

Sui // 21/03-2017

We are now ready to share with you part of our Copenhagen Games 2017 vision by sharing our floor plan for this year’s event.

If you participated last year, then you will notice that not much has changed. However, we have made some tweaks to the layout:

  • Rental- and closed PC-area have moved to lie adjacent to the BYOC-area.
  • Crew and administration has moved to the left
  • There is now more room in the dining-area. This is necessary as the afterparty you, as participants, create has grown year in and year out.
  • The Hearthstone stage has moved towards the entrance of the event and maintains its own stage.
  • The last of our exhibitors are being finalized as we write this to you – we will see where it all ends. Unfortunately, we have fallen a bit behind with this for 2017, but step by step we are where we want to be.