Overwatch at Copenhagen Games

autowin // 19/03-2017

Thanks to our new partnership with Dr. Oetkers Pizzaburger, we are proud to introduce Blizzard’s Overwatch to the Copenhagen Games tournament schedule. This is a massive expansion of our tournament roster and we are thrilled for this opportunity to introduce Overwatch to the Danish eSports scene.

This debut tournament will sport a 9.000$ prize pool! You can read more on our tournament page here.

Our partnership with Dr. Oekter makes all of that possible. Luckily, Dr. Oetker sees a natural connection between this particular product and the world of gaming:

Dr. Oetkers Pizzaburger was introduced to the Danish pizza market in the beginning of 2015, targeting young men in particular.

It’s a unique combination of two popular fast foods: pizza and burger and immediately got a lot of attention because of that.

National radio shows, tv hosts and popular bloggers and Instagrammers have all tasted, commented on or praised the Pizzaburger for the tone of voice and humour in the TV spot and the uniqueness of the product.

Watch the launch video for Pizzaburger here.

The latest product update was a 3in1 combination in the Pizzaburger Hotdog variant which was introduced last year.

Honestly, who hasn’t felt like a burger or a pizza (or a hot-dog for that matter) in the middle of a long gaming session? Well, now you don’t have to choose! It’s definitely worth trying out and at Copenhagen Games, you can. The Pizzaburger is sold on site at Copenhagen Games 2017, look for it in our dining area and enjoy! And remember to follow the next steps of the Dr. Oetker Pizzaburger’s path to success on Facebook “Fingermad for mænd

Visit their homepage by clicking here!