Hearthstone @ Copenhagen Games

Sui // 17/03-2017
Hearthstone tournament @ Copenhagen Games 2017
Schedule, prizes and rules etc.

The tournament will be held over a two day period. We will have a maximum  of 200 players.
The tournament requires you to bring your own device, (laptop or tablet only), and does not include a LAN-seat at the venue. If you want to enter the tournament with a stationary PC you will have to buy a regular LAN ticket.
If you buy a regular LAN ticket, you can still be a part of the tournament.

There will be a challengestone tournament for the players who have not made it into the top16.

Next expansion
Let's hope Year of the Mammoth begins before Copenhagen Games 2017! We will be playing with Blizzard's "standard deck system", which is the following rules of card choices:

- Basic cards
- Classic
- Whispers of the Old Gods
- One Night in Karazhan
- Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
- Journey to Un’Goro

However if the expansion appears during Copenhagen Games, we will continue to play with The Year of the Kraken set.

Tournament structure
Group Stage Swiss 
Conquest - Bo5; each player brings 3 heroes to every match, decks cannot be changed during Group Stage.

Conquest - Bo5 + 1 ban - single elimination (semi-finals and grand final Bo7 + 1 ban)

16 winners from the Swiss rounds will be qualified for the playoff bracket.
You will have a chance to add a deck and change both decks and heroes between Swiss and the playoffs.

Tournament start:


Swiss rounds begins Friday the 14th of april at 12:00 (noon)
All players are required to be signed in at least one hour before start (11AM) 


11:00 Swiss rounds continue 
16:00 Final bracket matches start, some matches will be played on stage. 


- Total 10.000 DKK / €1330
1st 6.000 DKK (€800)
2nd 2.500 DKK (€330)
3rd 1.500 DKK (€200)

Furthermore, we have applied for official Hearthstone points for the tournament.

More details can be found here