Update on the female tournament

autowin // 28/02-2017

There has been a huge interest in the 2017 female tournament. It is awesome to see that so many teams are considering playing at Copenhagen Games. Originally the tournament structure was setup for 16 teams as this has generally been the turnout the previous years.
Thankfully this has proven to be a much too low guess and it was never our intention to limit the amount of teams in the female tournament.
That is why we are removing any team limits on tournament and altering the schedule to accommodate a larger number of teams.
To do this we are adding an extra day to the tournament; meaning the tournament for Samsung CS:GO Ladies will start on Thursday the 13th of April at 10:00.

Information for the teams that have already signed up.

We know that changing the schedule might mean difficulties for some team as they have already booked transportation or hotels. If your team has already signed up and cannot start the tournament a day earlier than previously announced, please contact us via our ticket system or one of our admins directly. We will try to ensure that you are placed in a group starting on Friday. Skype contacts for the admins in question are - Malte Boelt [malteboelt] and Louise Vestergaard [louvestergaard].

The teams falling in this category are:

ALSEN-Team Female
Bad Monkey Gaming
Crowns.gg female
RED Reserve
Remorse eSports
Shark Gaming Female
Royal Bandits

We hope this is a solution suiting everyone and we look forward to seeing a lot of you at Copenhagen Games 2017.
As always if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us on one of our official channels or directly to our admins.