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The Cosplay Event in details

Magnethead // 03/03-2016

Copenhagen Games Cosplay Show

As Copenhagen Games has grown over the years, we’ve seen an ever increasing variety of amazing content featured at the event. Over the past two years, cosplay has become a main attraction with scores of imaginative characters coming to life on stage. Cosplayers bring a very special feeling of community from the games that they play and the characters they love, this is something we value highly at Copenhagen Games.

That is why, this year we will be expanding our cosplay content to stretch over two days for the enjoyment of all our guests our there.

The prizepool for the competition will be 1000 Euros!

Our Judges

This year we have three fantastic judges from three different countries; Denmark, Sweden, and Spain! To see who they are, check out our cosplay page at

The Schedule


Cosplay Talkshow with our Judges

18:00 – 19:00

Last year we hosted an excellent panel discussion about what cosplay is with our judges. This year we will be doing the same. Join the talk show and ask questions or just listen as the judges explain the rise of cosplay at eSports events around the world.

Theatrical Workshop with Josef W. Nielsen


This is a special opportunity for those who  want to add some extra soul to their cosplay. The difference between doing a catwalk and role playing is partly in the expression. The model fades as a character in order to better portray the costume, the cosplayer uses the costume to better express the character. In this course, you will learn to master the difference and through this add an extra dimension to your cosplay. Let your inner passion loose on stage and make sure the judges take note! If this sounds like something for you,  then sign up now! Unfortunately, we have limited attendees for this course so we advise interested parties not to hesitate.

Presseudsendelse kan frit anvendes ved omtale af:Aalborg teater.

All rights and credits to: Aalborg teater. “Mio, min Mio” premiere 13. februar 2008 Josef W. Nielsen og Marius Bjerre Hansen.Foto: © Lars Horn / Baghuset.Dato: 06.02.08

The Workshop will be held by Josef W. Nielsen who is an educated actor from the National Theatre School in 2005. He has since worked in the Aalborg theater, Østre Gasværk, Jomfru Ane Theater, Theater Zebu, and Theater Solaris. Josef’s career has been that of a character actor; an actor skilled at portraying a multitude of very different types and roles on stage. Josef loves to improvise in cooperation with his audience and to explore the space between the mask and the audience. Josef is currently the daily leader of Theater Solaris and a professional coach as well as a communications expert.

Friday Copenhagen Games Cosplay Show

Time: 17:00 – 18:00

Place: Main Stage

The Copenhagen Games Cosplay Show is the gem of the event for cosplayers. Here we are giving away some amazing prizes as rewards for the cosplayers who put so much work into bringing their favorite characters to life. The show is open for anyone and any type of costume, you can sign up here! Last year’s winners received gift certificates to Komplett, and this year will be no different. However, with a few new prize categories added, the prize pool has grown to be 1,000 Euros in size!

All cosplayers that sign up will receive a detailed time schedule and further information by mail! For guests, prices are 75 DKK thursday and 100 DKK on Friday!

We look forward to having everyone back for Copenhagen Games and the Cosplay show!

For a recap, check out the video from last year’s cosplay at Copenhagen Games:

Sign Ups are OPEN!

To sign up for the Copenhagen Games Cosplay Show and read more information you can get it all at

To purchase guest tickets go to our site here: