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CS:GO Ladies casters in place

Magnethead // 08/03-2016

Samsung Plantronics

Copenhagen Games and Samsung are delighted to announce that the streaming of this year's Plantronics CS:GO Ladies tournament won't be completely mute! Instead, we'll have the delightful company of Mayra "IpSa" Perez and Fredrik "JAEGARN" Andersson on stream, casting the event with top-level commentary and professional insight into the plays and players as the tournament progresses.

Mayra IpSa Perez and Fredrik JAEGARN Andersson

Mayra "IpSa" Perez and Fredrik "JAEGARN" Andersson

The tournament starts Friday March 25 and continues until Saturday night where the final is played. We are very happy to have these two well-renowned experts to add extra quality to the streaming of this terrific tournament. 

Samsung is also present throughout the event with a great sponsor area that promises a ton of very cool events for visitors and players alike. So remember to check them out while you're there!