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Viewing Parties Coming Soon

Dvinuz // 09/02-2016

We all know what a fantastic experience it is to see Copenhagen Games live, to watch the finals on stage and feel the tension of the crowd. However, not everyone has the chance to do that which is infinitely sad if you think about it. Of course, there's always the option of watching the event streamed live but sometimes you just want more; to watch it with friends, imaginary friends, imaginary strangers or gaming-enthusiastic pets. Well, now you can!

This year we'll be trying to introduce official event viewing parties. The idea is to gather up a list of interested venues, either private or corporate, and then set up great events wherever we can for people to visit. At this stage we're looking for e-sport enthusiasts living outside of Copenhagen who would be interested in hosting a viewing party in their region. For more information see this link, use the email address  [email protected] or you can easily sign up already using this on-site application form. Sign-up is easy, intuitive and not binding - see it as a statement of interest and then we'll take it from there.