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Viewing Party - Køge

Dvinuz // 21/02-2016
A viewing party will be held on March 26 in collaboration with GameByte’s internet café in Køge, offering everyone the chance to experience live streaming of the Copenhagen Games finals with friends and fellow enthusiasts.

The admission ticket of 50 DKK includes one ham or chicken toast, one free soda and one chocolate bar. For an extra 30 DKK, the ticket can be upgraded to a VIP seat for an even cooler experience. We do advice, however, that limited seats are available, as there is only room for 5 VIP and 12 regular seats. Seats cannot be pre-booked and tickets are sold at the entrance, so make sure to show up in due time!

Date & Time: Saturday
 26 March from 17.00 - 24.00 (or until after the prize ceremony).
Address:  Torvebyen 9, 4600 Køge
Entrance Fee: 50-80 DKK
Drinks avaible: Yes
Food avaible: Yes