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CS:GO Invited Teams

Sui // 06/03-2016

So many tournaments are going on, all the times these days, so it has been a bit difficult to handle the invite-process this year.
Mostly we have had to wait for answers from teams until they actually are done with any tournament they are playing atm.
But now the first 4 invited teams are settled.

GSL main group play. 8 invited teams and 8 qualified teams mixed in 4 groups. The best two from each group will advance to the final playoff bracket.

Format: BO1, veto
In short, the total tournament format will be as follows:


  • GSL - Groupstage - BO1 - Nonveto (Open signup - 64 teams)
  • Playoffs – Single elimination – BO3 – Veto. Top 8 teams from here qualify for the main tournament.

Main Tournament:

  • GSL - Groupstage - BO1 - veto (8 invited teams and 8 qualified)
  • Playoffs - Single elimination - BO3 - Veto

8 teams will be invited to the main tournament. These 8 teams won't play qualifying rounds and will enter directly in the main tournament. The 8 invited teams will face off against the 8 qualified teams from the previous rounds.

The invited teams will be notified directly and will be given a deadline to signup and pay for their participation. Should any of the invited teams decline their invitation, the invitation will be passed on to the next team in line.  

The 4 invited teams that are settled for now:


  • allu
  • juhob
  • xartE
  • sunNy
  • stonde


  • friis
  • Pimp
  • Acilion
  • Magiskb0Y

  • bubble
  • spyleader
  • nkl
  • v1c7or
  • Dream3r


  • k0nfig
  • Kjaerbye
  • MSL
  • rubino
  • tenzki

4 more teams are being invited, and they will be announced as soon as they also get settled.

Deadlines and dates
If you are planing to come, you should take care of your signup asap, as deadline is coming very close.
If you need to rent computers/monitors, you should act quick, as we only have computers left for 3 teams