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Sui // 06/03-2016


Total of €30.000

  • 1st €17,000 - Bank transfer
  • 2nd €8,000 - Bank transfer
  • 3rd €3,500 - Bank transfer
  • 4th €1,500 - Cash

PAYOUT. We pay everything on site. Less amounts are paid in cash, larger amounts are paid via bank transfer, which is done onsite, and top organization send invoice which we pay. SCHEDULE The tournament will start Thursday 24th. March at 12.00 SHARP We open the doors one day earlier - Wednesday 23rd. March at 14.00. We do this so everyone can come in and get settled in due time without any stress etc. Except from the fact that you will have one day to solve any challenges you might run into, this also give you a day where you can prepare and have a boothcamp with your team.

Rented computers will be available from Wednesday. RULES AND TOURNAMENTSTRUCTURE There are many teams in this tournament, and we all have a common goal of running the tournament as efficiently as possible, and for that communication is extremely important - so please do listen to the admins at all times.

Please do read all infomation about rules and tournament structure before you arrive. You can find all necessary info here.


Like last year, we have a close cooperation with Twitch. With Twitch-representatives at Copenhagen Games, we should be sure that streaming is going to function optimally.

You can se all our Twitch channels here