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Thank you for a great Copenhagen Games 2016!

superunni // 29/03-2016

It's been a few days since we handed out the huge cheques to the winners of Copenhagen Games 2016; and from all of us to all of you we'd like to extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who came, participated, volunteered, or watched online. Thank you all for partaking in making this year's event as amazing as it was! 

Now for a quick round-up of results from the major tournaments...


In the exciting finale of our CS:GO tournament Hellraisers battled in an intense Bo3 which ended in Hellraisers taking the win 2-0! The team got the coveted grand trophy and took home €17,000 plus brand new Samsung Galaxy S7s.

1. HellRaisers - €17.000
2. - €8.000
3-4. - €2,500
3-4. Space Soldiers - €2,500
5-8. Preparation
5-8. CPH Wolves
5-8. dignitas
5-8. SK

CS:GO ladies

On the ladies side, the action-packed finale stood between Team Secret and CLG Red. Also Bo3; Team Secret beat their opponents 2-0 and got to leave Copenhagen with €3,600, Plantronics RIG 500E, 512GB Samsung SSD harddrives, and of course the grand trophy! 


In the Hearthstone tournament we had an exciting match beween Swedish "Technogoose" and Danish "Dorathor" in the Bo7 grand finals. In the end it was a close battle, Dorathor beat Technogoose 4-3 which meant he went home with 22,500DKK