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Decklists for Hearthstone at Copenhagen Games

superunni // 23/03-2016

Here’s the final information regarding this year’s Hearthstone tournament. Participants need to submit 4 classes and their corresponding decklists to along with info about the contestants name and battletag. We’ve put together a template to give you an example.


Content example of e-mail.

E-mail to:

Name: Example McExampleson

Battletag: example#1234


Mage: http://decklistcreenshot/1234

Warrior: http://decklistcreenshot/1234

Priest: http://decklistcreenshot/1234

Druid: http://decklistcreenshot/1234


Please remember to change the names and links to your own decklists!

Tournament registration

It’s still possible to sign up for the Hearthstone tournament but we no longer have LAN-spots available. You can still attend and participate on tablet/laptop.

Well met!