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Limited edition mousepad and keyboard at Copenhagen Games

Sui // 15/03-2016

This year at Copenhagen Games, we have tons of exciting merchandise available exclusively to our guests and players. Some of these include specially made, limited edition products that should be mouth-watering to any respectable gamer or enthusiast out there. You should definitely check them out here and at the event, but remember that the supply is limited. 

The Copenhagen Games Limited edition of the eSTUFF Gecko Mat is optimized for high-speed low drag gameplay regardless of the sensor and settings of your mouse. The 3mm thick mat has sleek weave and stitched edges that provide a nice comfortable feel and minimizes fatigue over extended periods of play.

Size: 35 x 25 cm  

Price: 299 DKK

And just check out the branded version of this Aggressor Gaming keyboard. This is a visually stunning, limited edition keyboard that just looks absolutely stunning and is sure to get you noticed in a crowd. 

Price: 599 DKK

Now, this is just the beginning, we'll have a wide selection of customized, top quality gear available for sale at the event including hoodies, computer mice, t-shirts, pins and much more. So remember to stop by the official Copenhagen Games Merchandise shop when you visit us this Easter!