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Seating arrangements

Mex // 14/03-2016
Here is some practical information regarding seating arrangements for participants bringing their own computers.

If you have special requests regarding seating now is the time to let us know, but we already take a lot of information into account, so please take note of the below items.

If you are part of a team, we already know who you want to be seated with, but if you have requests regarding multiple teams positioned together, you should create a support ticket informing us of this.

If you are not part of a team, but you have some friends you would like to be seated with, go to your ticket overview and click the “Request seating” button. This will allow you to easily select other people within your own tournament or seat without tournament. If you have requests regarding other tournaments, please create a support ticket.

Any other speciel requests should also be made through the support system.