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Aggressor Gaming @ Copenhagen Games

Sui // 09/03-2016

The exciting new company which is based in Copenhagen will be showing off its new range of custom backlit keyboards for Hearthstone, Starcraft, World of Warcraft and hitman. The new keyboards allow you to express your creativity and become a greater gamer.

All keyboards are designed in England and Denmark and the keyboards are produced by the same people behind Editors Keys, the worlds leading shortcut keyboard company.

The Aggressor Gaming company will allow you to customize your keyboard exactly how you want it for the first time ever.
The keyboards can offer both custom fan designs and shortcuts for your favorite game.
These can be purchased as a standalone product or part of a new gaming laptop designed by the company.

In addition to gaming keyboards and laptops, Aggressor Gaming will be displaying new custom mice and mouse pads, make sure you come to check out the stand to be the first to get hold of one.

The company is offering the chance to win an exclusive limited edition Copenhagen Games 2016 keyboard when you sign up for the companies Counter Strike Tournament.

For additional details and to sign up visit